Must-Have Electric Scooter Accessories you should have in your Electric Scooter

It’s a beautiful, sunny day and your electric off-road bike is charging in the garage. You can’t wait to take it out and start riding. Be sure you are appropriately accessorized before embarking on your adventure.

There are some electric scooter parts or accessories that aren’t necessary, of course, but staying prepared for what Mother Nature can throw at you can mean the difference between an exciting trip and one you want to tell over a few beers.

The following list is relatively general, and you should make sure to consider the particular conditions of your ride and the environment before you start. In the Pacific Northwest, hydration boosters, steel and flint, and a space banket are all needed during a long, hot ride in the desert. In the desert, rain protection, hydration boosters, and sun protection are vital items to carry while riding long distances.

Bottom line: take a moment, slow down, and get your electric off-road bike accessories ready! Let us help!


By connecting all electrical components to the e-bike, including battery, motor and gas; The controller allows you to control engine power, wheel speed, acceleration and more.

The electric scooter is useless until and unless it is fully connected to the driver’s accessories.

Inner tubes

Another important electric scooter parts is the presence of inner tubes. The tube should not be higher than one, as this will cause it to fall inside the wheel, which will affect your ride. Another thing to note is that a larger tube means a heavier tube and wheel.

The Xiaomi electronic scooter compatible with the 8.5 x 2”inner tube is suitable for both front and rear wheels.

Different tire sizes

Electric scooter wheels are available in various wheel sizes. These range the sizing of 5 to 10 inches, but most of the electronic commuter scooters are in the wheel size of 8 inches. Normally off-road e-scooters have the dimension of 10-inch wheels.

Choosing the right wheels electric scooter accessories can affect the speed, ride quality and performance of your electric scooter. Keep in mind that a larger wheel size allows for a more comfortable ride.

Big wheels tend to be a little faster or can handle higher speeds. However, with smaller wheels it maneuvers better, which is better for beginners.


Extra batteries are strongly recommended if you run without juice or without peripherals such as additional lights, LED dashboards, music devices or even charging your phone.

Of course, batteries can be a little heavy and tired so you can carry them in your backpack all the time when riding best cheap electric bike. You can use your saddlebag for storage, which also provides quick connection options if you need to charge other devices with batteries. You should be keeping the battery in some cool place and away from the sunlight.

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