Neoprene Customise OEM Back Support Posture Corrector


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Product Description


Posture Corrector Back Support Body Brace Wellness Lumbar Shoulder Support Belt

100% brand new and high quality!
Designed to reduce pressure on the spine and upper back pain.
Correct detachment and bad posture. Build a good attitude.
Treats neck pain, relieves headaches and reduces forward head syndrome.
Adjustable strap: Adaptable to your compression level.
Breathable, comfortable, lightweight and can be worn under or over clothing without sweating.
Size: One size fits men, women, children.


1. Gender: Unisex
2. Part of the body: Back
3. Main Colour: Black
4. Texture: Soft Intentionally
5.Material: neoprene
6.Use: posture corrector and shoulder rest
7. Type: Brace / Orthosis

POSTURE IMPROVEMENT – This posture orthosis trains your muscles and spine to return to their natural state of mind and reduce back pain caused by poor posture. Just training 2 hours a day, your straight posture and self-confidence makes improvement. Physically, hold your shoulder back. If you wear this collarbone only for 2 hours a day, you will get a good posture.

POWERFUL BRACE-integrated design, light enough, but also with great pulling power for the shoulders. Adjustable straps allow optimal adjustment of the chest circumference for a perfect fit.

COMFORTABLE MATERIAL – Made from high quality, extra soft and breathable neoprene, it can even be worn comfortably under clothing so you can wear it all day without any problems.

EASY INSTALLATION- No help from other people needed to put on or take off. The only orthosis that you can adjust yourself. Simply pull the straps to be fastened and lift the buckle up to relax the straps.

Size: Universal size; Adjustable up to 42′ (inches chest)
Care: Hand wash at + 30 ° C, air dry.
It is recommended to wear the straight holder over a cotton T-shirt for 2-4 hours daily. The straight holder helps to restore the body to its correct position, but we recommend using it with other measures, such as physiotherapy and physical exercises.

– poor posture;
– round back;
– pain in the area of the thoracic spine;

Not suitable for:
– pregnant women;
– persons with electronic implants (pacemakers);
– Persons with severe or acute spine, joint or muscle disorders:
– Persons with neoprene allergy;
– Persons with open wounds / skin injuries in the scope

1x Support Belt

i have purchased save me so much money to go work worth every pennies and big thanks for Buynbuy
John Doe
Micael Eduardo
Great fun. Heavy to carry. Needs a shoulder strap carry mechanism
Micael Eduardo
Fun and good quality
John Doe
Micael Eduardo

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