Weight Lifting Straps with Padded Wrist Support – Non Slip Advanced Flex Gel Grip - Great for Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Gym Straps Workout, Deadlifts & Fitness

  • CUSTOM MADE MATERIAL: Strong, but soft and flexible thick material means these pro-level, heavy-duty straps do not need extra padding around the wrist. No neoprene to fall apart and get in the way of wrist adjustments!
  • VERSATILE: Can be used anywhere in the gym. Boost your work out on barbell, dumbbell, D-handle, cable, and any other equipment used for pull exercises. Deadlift, shrugs, rows, and cable exercises


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Item specifics

     About this item

  • Anti-Slip Feature: Our Straps are made from the highest quality Industrial Strength and overstitched twice to ensure they won’t tear or pull apart at the seams like some other brands can.
i have purchased save me so much money to go work worth every pennies and big thanks for Buynbuy
John Doe
Micael Eduardo
Great fun. Heavy to carry. Needs a shoulder strap carry mechanism
Micael Eduardo
Fun and good quality
John Doe
Micael Eduardo

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